"The Archive"

Ronald E. Hole

Director Sean Dunne have made a strong story about a man facing troubles under the financial crisis. Dunne shares how he told this emotional story about a man who loves music.

"They have their ears closed," says a frustrated Paul Mawhinney in the short documentary "The Archive".

"What drew me to this story was... I kinda liked the idea of a very specific thing telling a larger story, and I think that this story does," says Dunne.

"The time when I made this is the time when the economy collapsed, alot of people where out of work. The music business was fu$%ed."

"I just thought that Paul's story represented a lot of the struggles people where having, not necessarily in the record business, but everywhere."

We shot on the Sony EX-1 using the Letus lens adaptor and Canon still lenses. The edit took a couple weeks. It took time to find the right pacing and shots. I had a very specific vision and my editor Galen Summer was able to bring it to life perfectly.

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